External setup button

hi guys:
I am doing a project that require external setup button, I wonder if Photon has pinout for external setup button. If not is that possible for us to use program to do the setup on Photon?


Look at the pin-out for #53: https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/photon-datasheet/#pin-out-diagrams

In case you can’t get your head round the two links of Kenneth ;-):

Look at the bottom of your Photon, there you’ll see five square solder pads.
The one of the bigger two that’s underneath the SETUP button is the one you want to have a look at.

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I know this diagram, I have seen it before. So How to access GPIO_9 ?

is there any other “physical” way to access the Pin?

What’s wrong with this way?

The only other way I could think of is by desoldering the button and attaching to the pads at the top - but that seems even worse.

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@mikelo, I’m also connecting an external setup button (and an external RGB) using the Photon with no headers and running a trace directly to the setup Pad. Like this:


Thank you ScruffR, I find the way to doing with code.

Hi Mikelo,

Do you have the code which you can share with me? I have a usecase where I have to put the photon in setup mode. I want to do it through external big setup button OR through code.


@ScruffR - Quick question on this (I can’t wrap my head around the links, the Photons I have with me are all soldered to breadboards so I can’t see the bottoms, I’m inexperienced, and I don’t want to blow up a(nother) Photon…so…):

Would I be soldering one side of a button directly to the bigger pad under the SETUP button? And would the other side go to ground?

Yes, that would be the way.
The schematic of @sazp96 shows how it should look and
This image shows the location of the solder pad (26)

Thanks, @ScruffR. I have a couple more Photons arriving soon so I’ll be ready to go. I appreciate your help.

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