Photon reset procedure

When I put the Photon in an enclosure, how can I activate the wifi reset procedure? Is there an
alternative method than to press the default buttons?

You could set up a Particle.function() or an external button or reed switch or …

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Why exactly would you want to erase the credentials? If you add new ones, the old ones will be removed automatically. Currently it can store up to five sets of credentials, in a FIFO style.
If you do really need to remove them, look into the options mentioned by @ScruffR above, and combine that with

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I found a similar question and answer here: External setup button
I should have mentioned wanting to have an external button as I’m sending one in an enclosure to a friend.

I tested it and soldered a wire to the pad under the setup button. Connected a pushbutton and tried it out, it’s working now.