Making reset button and LED external to Particle

Hi everyone.

I have been trying to think of how to make the “reset”, “mode” and “status LED” external to my particle electron.
My intention is to have them on the outside of my enclosure so I can still see what is happening without opened up the box.

Does anyone have any ideas about how i could do this?
I have done heaps of googleing and turns out this is something that is hard to search for.



For reset, you can simply connect to the RST pin and ground to a button.

For status LED, if there are spare pins, you can mirror the LED to another three pins:

Otherwise, there are 3 pads on the underside of the Photon that corresponds with the R, G and B led of the Photon. You can tap on them and connect to an external RGB led but the brightness might as optimal as you might require as both onboard and external RGB led is now driven by the same pin. :wink:


Thanks !
I Will be trying this shortly !!


Another option for the RGB LED are light pipes.

For the Electron there are no RGB pads underneath the device, but AFAIK there is a MODE pad.


Is there anyway to mirror the “setup” pin as well to an external button?



I don’t want to use any pins for this as I don’t have any left. Can it be done without using any pin?

That’s a tough question. Not sure how you can mirror without an extra pin.

You probably want to wire up to the SETUP pin pad at the bottom to your external button.

@moz, since you are not the OP of this rather dated thread, can you freshup your actual needs and tell us what platform you are on and what you need.

There are possibilities, but without the context you have would limit the amount of options we’d have to provide.

Yeah, right. I’m using the particle photon which would be enclosed in a housing. I want to use the setup button but I am low on pins available. Therefore, I wanted a method to wire it to an external button which I could then place on the housing.

I saw the pads available to connect external wires to but the one numbered 26 is stated as a reset pin as well as a setup pin. Which one is correct?

The Photon has some solder pads for that on the bottom side

Exactly. But the pad numbered as pin 26 is stated as a reset pin as well as a setup pin!


On the left side the pin 26 is stated as the setup button. On the right side it is stated as the reset pin.
What does it mean?

The right side pin numbers are the HW pin numbers of the P0 module (the actual controller module on the Photon) and have no relation to this image

That interpretation would also be supported by the other pin tables.
How would otherwise a P0 pin 54 fit on the Photon (A0) which doesn’t even have that many pins or pads?

Oh Yes! I totally missed that. I was referring another answer for that and didn’t give a second thought to that. Thank you.

The electrical characteristics of this pin is not seems to be specified. Is it active-low or active high? How can I use that pin?

It is active LOW. The onboard SETUP/MODE button closes to GND as actually shown in the docs here

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That was a great help. Thank you so much!

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