What is the current sprint # for spark-server?

Hello All,

I was wondering if someone could please tell me what the current sprint # is for the spark-server project?

Also I am curious if there is any time-table for the next sprint. I see that the repo has not been touched in 10 months.

Repeat the first two questions for the firmware on the photon minus the 10 months part.

Thank you for your time and efforts it really appreciated.


Hi @chrobi

The team is really focused on the Electron launch right now, which should come in January. There is still a lot of work to be done for Photon but right now they are all focused on the cellular product, Electron.

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I appreciate that new products are coming, but I worry about losing site of the current products that got the company where they are today. The part that concerns me, are that some of the PR’s in the queue are very very trivial typos corrections with the manual, that have been basically left to collect dust. Please don’t construe this concern as a bashing session, but as a customer wanting to make sure that current products don’t get mothballed.

Thank you to the Particle team and all of the community for all of the hard work done to get this point. It is truly appreciated, and looking forward to using the new products.


Ok so I pose the same question again since the Electron is released

What is the current sprint # for the spark-server code?


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spark-server is a very interesting project. I hope it is not abandoned.

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Necroing important topic

@chrobi, Particle is not working on the spark server code and I am not aware of any plans to do so in the near future. If you do a forum search, some members have been enhancing/fixing a fork of the code.

Hey @chrobi. We’re actively working on spark-server here.

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