When will Spark.subscribe() be available for us to use?

I am really chomping at the bit for Spark.subscribe()

Are there any rumors out there as to how long until that is up and running? It’s really just me being impatient, but any news is still appreciated.

I think new sprint will be end of april :slight_smile: ( i hope so )

I think @zachary is the lead on this feature and will be working on it during the current sprint which started this Monday (2014-04-21). He may be able to shed some more insight. I know that I am also super-anxious for it!


I believe this is indeed a priority for the firmware team this sprint. This sprint (#10) is set to be done by the end of next week. :slight_smile:


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Hey @Dave what about spark cloud ? :)))))

I haven’t forgotten! :slight_smile: I can’t make any promises yet, but I’m trying, sorry about the wait!


Yup, planning to finish Spark.subscribe by the end of this sprint! So soon!!!


Just finished Spark.subscribe. See pull requests here:

and here:

We need to do some server integration testing obviously. We’ll roll it out to the web IDE as soon as possible. If I had to guess, I’d say early next week.