What is the AT&T APN for the US

Hi All,

Maybe this is already posted somewhere but I could not find it. Could someone please tell me the correct APN for AT&T for the US is. I am trying to use a 3rd party sim.

Ever tried to google that?

Of course I have. I have tried device.home, wap.cingular, and one other one. I need to make sure that its not an issue with the APN so I can get on with toubleshooting .


Since the Electron is not a phone, I’d guess it’s "Broadband"

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Ok great. I used that one as well so I guess I can rule that out. Thank you.

Or is this a special m2m SIM from ATT?

In that case you might need

Or any of these might reveal the secret

But this suggests my previous inclination towards Broadband wasn’t too far off :wink:

Yes. I read the last post as well. I am going to try m2m.com.attz.

I got my AT&T sims from here, which may be distinctly different from their regular service network or plans:

Not sure if its case sensitive but “broadband” worked after I tried it in a place with better reception.

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This might sound little odd but at&t updated their settings and the above will not work anymore try these at&t apn settings instead