What is the Asset Tracker's battery life and expected data usage?

Hi, I’m thinking of using the Asset Tracker to track my dog and my computer. I have two questions:

-What is the expected battery life of the Li-Po battery (2000mAh)?

-If I am only transmitting basic stats about the device’s location, say every five minutes, what would you estimate the device’s monthly 3G data usage would be? I’m looking to keep it under 1MB.


That depends on how you use it. Sleep modes definitely help.

That too depends on how you use it, where sleep modes again can make a difference.

I’m also interested in some general stats around the Asset Tracker. I would think that given a deep sleep and 5 minute intervals, there could be some estimation of total time until the battery is no longer able to power the device?

While I understand battery life will vary widely depending upon the use case and optimizations taken to improve battery life, do you have any data you might be able to share from your own usage, @Moors7 ?