Asset Tracker Kit v2 battery lifetime

Hi there!
Where can I find information about the Asset Tracker Kit V2 battery lifetime? Maybe there are a few examples for different levels of usage?
Thank you!

@Sarah, which battery are you referring to? The battery powering the Electron or the battery used as the GPS backup battery (optional to install). If you are referring to the Electron battery then it depends entirely on how often the frequency of using the 2G/3G modem, sleep vs wake time, etc. The forum is rife with examples of using the Asset Tracker and maximizing battery life.


Yes, exactly as peekay123 said, it is really is an unanswerable question. The included 1800 mAh LiPo battery has a range from maybe 24 hours with GPS on and the processor running constantly and frequent publishing of data, to maybe 30 days mostly in sleep mode with GPS off and wake-on-move enabled.