What is the Argon power consumption when the WiFi is turned off


I am just wondering what is the Argon power consumption when only the WiFi is turned off. My plan is to run the Argon on Lithium ion battery and making it on a sleep mode. Once there is a change in voltage, it wakes up with the WiFi turned off and record the data, and every day it publishes the data to the cloud.

Thank you!!

3.52 mA


With Device OS 2.0 you can wake on analog voltage. Ultra-low-power (ULP) sleep with analog wake is 81.1 uA.

Thank you so much for your reply. Wouldn’t the GPIO considers as peripherals, because the documentation says it is 3.52 mA if the peripherals are disabled, where I want to read the sensor data and save it.

GPIO and ADC are still active in Iidle. The peripherals referred to are serial, I2C, and SPI. However, even if enabled, the difference is current is negligible, should be less than 1 mA.

I see. Thank you so much!!!