Power consumption inquiry

I am trying to figure out what a particle argon current usage will be for using BLE and sending small data every 2 seconds.

I am confused on whether I have to add up all the values or is it just the operating current? (I wanna take advantage of the sleep mode)

The Xenon running the BLE System Log app broadcasting every second consumes 3.5mA. Turning the RGB LED brightness down to 0 bringing the power consumption down to 2.5mA! Pretty impressive!

Thanks a lot. Is it safe to assume that the xenon and argon power consumption the same then?

If you turn off the Wifi on the Argon it should be close to that.

Thanks again. Do you know if my transmitting device should be on BLE advertising or BLE connected. It inly needs to send info?

Not sure.

BLE.connected() just checks to verify if the BLE service is connected to a device or something like that so it does not transmit.

I just used the BLE example code and modified the data it was pushing out.

Thanks a lot, you have been pretty useful. One last question: Do you know the difference between STOP mode and ULP mode? Again thanks a lot for all your help so far.

They are different low power sleep modes.

One stops the code an goes to sleep and wakes back up and continues the code where it left off.

ULP is a different mode that I can’t remember exactly what it does.

Both stop and ultra-low-power resume execution after System.sleep(). However, more peripherals in the MCU can be disabled in ultra-low-power, so the power consumption is less than stop but more than hibernate, but in hibernate the system is reset on wake.

In BLE sleep mode on the Argon and Boron, you can be a peripheral in advertising mode, and the device will periodically wake up just to send the advertising packet and check for incoming connections and go back to sleep in milliseconds. It can also be in either central or peripheral mode with connection(s) open, in which case the device will wake up to send and receive data and keep the connection alive.


Wow that’s new to me and it’s exactly what I’m going to need to do for a battery powered device that sends status info out every few seconds to small LCD display.

@rickkas7 Is this BLE sleep mode documented? It’s the first I have heard of it.

SystemSleepConfiguration::ble(), available in 2.0.0-rc.1.

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Can you explain how you got the number 2.5mA? I need the specifics because I need to show this in my technical research paper.

I used the BLE example code and then coded so the main LED brightness was turned down to 0.