What has been fixed and where to look

Hi Guys,
The Spark Team has done a good job of fixing some teething troubles and several Spark Elite members have come up with some excellent guides, tips and fixes.
Someone recently pointed out that I no longer needed to use one workaround and this made me think that we could do with a forum page which summarises issues and the current position. This might be a very long list if all open issues are listed but it would be very useful to have the latest word on things that now work well. For example:
Local compiling:
NetBeans – How To Video from @seulaterworks without issues. @Kareem613 has automated this - no feedback yet
Eclipse – Not yet working reliably?
Analog Read issues – ADC working properly for local build, sample time 45uS (approx 10kHz upper frequency) and adjustable to longer times. Issue with web build – can’t read two channels?
LCD display library@BDUB port working well for parallel or SPI

Digole I2C and SPI library - working OK - @timb definitive version on Git

UDP and TCP ports close if not accessedports no longer closed after 60 seconds but closed if web access temporarily lost

Sleep mode – wake up not as expected by some people, reliable? deep sleep uses ~1mA

Red flashing LED – Most likely out of RAM – function to check RAM by ??? at ???
(Again I’ve seen both a measure RAM function and a note on how to interpret the compiler output but where was it?)

Obviously this is an incomplete list as I’ve not followed many threads. Could we have a post near the top of Troubleshooting and add items as they are resolved but not have a 10 page list of discussion to plough through? Maybe the moderator could copy suggested additions from the discussion to the top post and then delete the dealt with posts? I know it sounds like a duplication of the backlog of issues but that doesn’t make helpful reading for the layman.


@phec I completely agree with you. This is actually something I’m currently working on! :smiley:

If anybody has any particular issues they can think of, please list them here and I’ll make sure to include them.


Agreed… yes we’re working on this!

FYI: https://github.com/technobly/SparkCore-LiquidCrystal