Next up: RAM optimization, CC3000 patch, libraries, new docs site

I’ll be trying out this new way of getting news to the community and hopefully make keep everyone up-to-date on a regular basis.

It should go to a blog or something so people can RSS feed but let’s just make do with a simple thread for now!

1. Deep Update for CC3000

2. Ram Reduction

  • should be digging in after the deep update is completed. At least that’s what i understand from our Elite hangout earlier.

Work has begun by @zachary [

3. Libraries Roll-out

We are super excited about this! @peekay123 has been working hard to port more libraries to make it easier for the community :smiley:

4. New Docs interface

  • @zach worked hard to revamped the Docs display to make it easier to read and learn stuff.
  • The PR is now processed on-the-fly using Travis CI.
  • The Spark CLI docs you saw was just pushed around 30 minutes ago

5. Spark-cli has reached 0.3.2

  • spark.include and spark.ignore is now available
  • new commands format [spark command action]

**6. :spark: Team @ JSConf **

  • Half of the team will be at till 31 May 2014
  • So do expect response to be a little slower
  • Drop by, Say hi, make friends and have fun!

Signing off! :wink:

@Teke, i’ll let you take over this if you’re comfortable to be the regular updater. More than happy! :smiley:


I appreciate that Captain @kennethlimcp - I shall endeavor to keep y’all updated, sated, and unadulterated.

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Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate these updates. So far lots of work is being done on the background, and forum posts were the only way of finding out what was going on. These updates will keep the community more engaged, and will give you something to look out for.
All things considered you guys are doing some great work, keep it up. I’m already looking forward to the next update :wink:
So yeah: THANKS!


Really excited about the libraries!

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same here!
i am gonna started by lights / displays / relays just because they have a library available!
too much fund.

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On a side note,

If you’re interested to see how exciting it was at the recent Maker Faire Bay Area, @Teke took some really great photos! :smiley:

Here’s a million dollar photo!


Cheers everyone :wink:
I’m back after a long break from work.

For RAM optimizations, I just made a commit here:


Not sure when was this pushed and if anyone noticed, there’s now a loading spinner to tell you that the WEB IDE is loading instead of a blank page :smiley:


Just a quick update before the weekend!

  1. Changelog link in Sparkulator

I guess many aren’t aware of a high-level changelog maintained and we thought it would be awesome to have it where users see it

It’s pointing to the entire release page now but i have feedback to point to the specific releases so let’s wait :smile:

  1. Deep-update bin file is now on Spark-CLI (For CC3000 patch)

I know it’s tempting to grab the .bin file right now and simply do a flash! That goes for me as well but i have yet to check what the file would do so :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Loading spinner in Sparkulator

You should now see a *spinning spin thingy * when you fire up the Web IDE to show that something is indeed loading :wink:

  1. Ram Optimization

@satishgn has made good progress on this and we should see it after the end of this sprint!