What does the LED on Photon D7 mean?

Can someone tell me what the D7 LED means on the Photon board or a link to a page explaining it? Just getting started with all of this, thank you for the help.

There’s a small blue LED located next to pin D7 on the Photon, pointed to by the pink arrow in this diagram.


You can use it when you want some sort of visual indicator without having to wire up an external LED.


Thanks for the response. When I plug my Photon into my USB on my laptop, the light does not come on. But when I plug it up to a USB on my power strip downstairs, it does come on and the Photon has trouble picking up the internet signal (sometimes it will catch it for a couple of minutes and then drop it). My laptop and cell phone both get strong wifi downstairs. When the D7 LED is on I have nothing wired to it. Is that supposed to be happening?

The D7 LED should come on briefly and dimly when you first plug in power, for several milliseconds, and then turn off.

When the Photon is in normal operating modes, such as blinking green, blinking cyan, or breathing cyan, the D7 LED should be off unless your user firmware turns it on using digitalWrite(D7, HIGH).

Ok thank you for the help