D7 LED on Photon2

The D7 LED on the Photon2 turns ON at bootup and stays ON unless a pinMode(D7, OUTPUT) command is done.

Simplest test code is:

void setup() {
//pinMode(D7, OUPUT);  //uncomment to have D7 OFF but only after cloud is connected

void loop() {


@Colleen :speak_no_evil:

I believe this was an issue in pre-release versions of the Photon 2. There’s a pull-up that’s needed for SWD, but when the GPIO is in high-z state (INPUT), the pull up can cause the D7 LED to light.

@rickkas7, so this is a pre-release hardware issue? Is the pull-up being done differently in the release version?

I believe that was the resolution. The pull-up could be a higher resistance and not affect SWD, and that prevents the LED from being lit by the pull-up only when the GPIO is not push-pull.


Just received 2 Photon2 from store purchased on 21 June - both have the same issue - does this mean the store is selling pre-production versions?

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I'm seeing the same thing... ordered 5 units, and have powered on two... both do this...

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