What comes with Boron LTE

Could you tell me what comes with a Boron LTE developmet kit (battery and antenna) included?

Also will the price of the Electron go down as compared to the Boron LTE?


We haven’t finalized the bill of materials, but plan to include at least an external antenna, USB cable, and breadboard with the Boron LTE (similar to our Electron 2G/3G kits). We are not planning to include a battery with the Boron LTE, because unlike 2G/3G, LTE-M1 has significantly decreased power requirements that allow it to communicate using only USB power. Removing the Li-Po battery also significantly reduces the cost of shipping for us and for customers because we’re not transporting materials that are classified as dangerous goods.

We don’t have immediate plans to decrease the price of the Electron because the cost structure is different, but there’s always the possibility of a sale! Keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info!