We're hiring! Engineering, business operations, and sales

Hello dearest community members,

The Spark team is hiring!

If you’ve been following our journey and want to participate, we are hiring for quite a number of positions, including engineering, business operations, and sales.

To see the jobs available, please visit our jobs site:

We are moving our headquarters to San Francisco this summer, so applicants in the Bay Area are preferred, although we also hire remotely and will absolutely consider applicants from anywhere in the world.

Hope to see some friendly faces on the team soon!




:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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My coworkers are terrified that I’m going to quit my current job and go work with :spark:.


Do it! The Embedded Systems Engineer position is a dream job for me, though I’d work as a janitor if I had to. XD

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I’m more of a full-stack / front-end / mobile developer myself. I will be performing job duties in all 3 of those areas TODAY for my current job. Actually, I’ve only done front-end and mobile development today. I’m waiting for network ops to fix something for me to do the full-stack part.

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Why very expensive to live - California ? I live in So. California and SF Bay area is even more expensive than the Happiest Place on Earth area (Disneyland - for those out of state).

I know you guys can run a company from anywhere but, California ? Did you know the state of California owes its State Pension fund over $400 Billion ? That’s $136,000 for each taxpayer ! And that does not include the coming $185 Million the state owes to cover bonds.

I’m moving away from So. Cal in the near future - If you move to Texas or Idaho I will come take out the trash and turn out the lights at night :slight_smile:


@zach When I move back to the Bay Area I’ll swing buy and meet the team. California is super expensive, super beautiful, and its the perfect place for a company like Spark to be. A whole lot of the same energy there that they will vibe and grow with I’m sure.

Congrats on the success team!


Getting excited with IoT :). I have been an embedded engineer for more than 10 years. Will you all take in non American that need work permit? Else quite happy to work from where I am if you don’t mind remote staff :).

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Yup we’re hiring remotely too!

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Some hearts are going to be broken here. I’d love to take on the Developer Evangelist role - gosh, pick me! bats eyelashes.


I’m not going to have to change my avatar back to my fav red head am I? bites lip

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@BDub reminds me of when you were our first active community member, and we stalked you:


Okay - I’m no match for that cute face, but I am excited for my Spark Core to arrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to decide… building a skirt with neopixels & an accelerometer to make them sparkle when you move - if I use the core to change the colour on the fly is this more lame than cool, or cool than lame? :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it depends on whose party I’m going to. haha


You should talk to @gelicia … she builds sparkly skirts and wears them out in public…


My experience with light up clothing at parties is the more the better :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Obviously you have rad friends that would love to change the color of your skirt from your website www.rachaeliscool.com/skirt No? Build it anyway, then acquire such friends :wink:

Make sure you post a video when you finish! If you need help just shout. Good luck!

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@gelica - Awesome. Going to get started tomorrow. :slight_smile: Maybe I can pick your brain if I run into trouble. I do have some rad friends here in Halifax - we think light-up clothing will make people smile, and maybe make hardware projects seem a little less intimidating too.


Sure thing, I’m not really on here that much, hit me up on twitter, I’ll be quicker to respond on there :slight_smile:

@Spark … are you going to San Francisco? Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair! :stuck_out_tongue: