We're Hiring! Part-time contractor(s) for Technical Support wanted

Hello all,
We’re looking to bring on some part-time contractors to help us help you. Before looking elsewhere, I think it makes sense to start with our awesome community.

Are you interested in working at Spark, but have limited time or other commitments? Here’s your chance! We’re looking for smart, talented, and creative people to work with us part-time on the technical support team. We’re looking for two roles:

  • Junior technical support engineers
    We need people that think creatively, know their way around javascript, and are familiar with C/C++. Extra credit if you’re comfortable with git/github, have some software or hardware projects to share, and are experienced with the Spark Core or other IoT technologies. Great communication skills and an inquisitive mind are general requirements as well.

  • Technical support triage agents
    We’re looking for smart, motivated, and enthusiastic people to work with us part-time as general technical support agents. We need people that are organized, passionate about helping others, and are familiar with Maker culture in general and the arduino ecosystem in particular. Bonus points for general programming knowledge (any structured language), top-notch communication skills, and superior task management abilities.

The triage agent is the front line - helping organize and distribute the bulk of the support issues, and answering them when possible. The role is project management, operations, communications, developer support and technical training all rolled up in one. The junior technical support engineer role is more hands-on and definitely more experienced with technology and programming, and will help generate documentation, solve day-to-day technical issues and man the forums to do some proactive support as well as responding to email and support requests.

If you’re interested in one of these jobs, please send an email with questions and qualifications to tavares@spark.io. We’ll be working out of our headquarters in San Francisco so applicants in the Bay Area are preferred. We do hire remotely, though, so don’t let your location stop you from applying if you think you’d be an amazing addition to the team.