Webhooks not being deleted

So…I’ve been successfully using webhooks for several months. This morning, I decided to tweak two webhooks a bit, so I updated the JSON code. I then logged in via the CLI, listed the existing webhooks, deleted the ones I was updating (by ID) and then created the new webhooks. I confirmed via “particle webhook list” that everything was AOK. I also logged in via Dashboard to confirm all was OK.

However, whenever my devies call a webhook, the new ones AND the deleted ones are firing. What’s up with that? In the past when I’ve updated webhooks in the same fashion, the old ones went away completely.

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Seen this?

No, I did not notice this thread when I quickly reviewed the thread topics.

As I understand the thread you directed me to, the problem is acknowledged and updates will be posted on the “Cleaning up Errors” thread. Please advise if I’m mistaken. Thanks!

The updates will either be there or on this Github Page.