Spurious error deleting webhook

I’ve noticed that the last 2 days, when I try and delete or create a webhook, I sometimes get a message in a red box at the bottom right of the screen saying something like Bummer! [object Object]. Webhook creation failed after 1000ms and Bummer! Webhook creation failed, respectively. In both cases the webhook is in fact deleted and created.

Is anyone else seeing this? I hope it’s not a Safari issue …

There have been some reports about similar things

@bryce is in charge of webhooks currently.

We noticed this too and we’ve just deployed a permanent fix to the root problem. Let us know if you see it again.


Hi @Bryce … this is only quasi-related but since I’m here…

I have this one webhook that periodically just stops working! It’s very frustrating. I can run the monitor and it’s “coming in” but it’s not calling my cloud. If I delete the webhook and re-add it, it starts working again. It’s just one webhook. I thought you guys fixed it.


@Tahl can you PM me the webhook id you are referring to? I want to check our logs to see what is going on.