Cleaning up Errors

I’m sending a webhook to my webserver and it’s successfully inserting but I’m also getting an error.

I changed my webhook to only send my custom JSON message and I was hoping this would resolve the problem and it hasn’t. Any suggestions? I currently only have one webhook but have deleted a few recently. (verified that I currently only have 1 through the GUI and command line)

It looks like you may have two webhooks active with the same eventName

I’ve seen threads about ‘deleted’ webhooks still firing, maybe your issue is related.

I did but I deleted the other one. Looking around the forum, it seems like this is a common issue.

I figured out my hook-error, but I still have “Phantom Hooks”


If I were you I would try to use a name with more uniqueness than just “R”

Expand it a bit, that will also change its name and you won’t get the Phantom Subscribes, I’m guessing.

I was trying to have the smallest possible data frame when sending. As for now, I’ve removed all my hooks and I’m hoping the phantom/zombie hooks will eventually go away. Seems like this worked for other users in similar scenarios.

Changed the name and the zombie/phantom hooks changed their name as well. So I have 4 of them now.

Something for @Dave then.

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Thanks for the heads up! I see this ticket was created as well:

So I’ll post updates there,


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