Webhook not in list after delete, but still active?

Hi all,

I have a webhook that is not doing what I wanted, so I deleted it. My list of webhooks is now empty. But if I subscribe to “mine” (all in CLI), I still see the hook triggering and see the response from the server. Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


I have the same problem, except it is calling 3 different versions which I have deleted hours ago… something seems seriously broken…


$ particle webhook list

Found 0 hooks registered

$ particle subscribe mine

Subscribing to all events from my personal stream (my devices only)
Listening to: /v1/devices/events

Hey all!

Just wanted to chime in that someone pinged me about this thread. That’s definitely weird and shouldn’t happen! Webhooks hasn’t had much love in terms of engineer time lately due to work on the Electron, but looking into some of these weird bugs is a priority for me, I’ll let you know when I know more.

edit: just as an explanation, usually the webhook removal is instant, but if that fails, a periodic job keeps the workers in sync with the list of active hooks. So my guess is something in there is our culprit.



Thanks for chiming in. Can we have someone check into this issue? I would like to move forward with my little project :smile:

Thank you!

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I moved forward by changing the pub-topic the moment I had a working webhook. The old ones are not triggered anymore, but are still “active”


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Hi @leopardus2,

Hmm, I see you have 4 hooks setup now, but none listening for “allbuttons”, are you still seeing the phantom hook now?


The day after I posted here, I checked and all the stray webhooks were gone. I set up the final hooks and stopped playing with add/delete and the hooks have been working fine since…
I can’t tell whether the problem is still there because I have settled my config now. But thanks for checking in.


Today webhooks are just getting ignored.
If I subscribe (“particle subscribe mine”, from CLI) I see events published,
no reaction from webhooks,

Hey, please make webhook reliable or kill them altogether. Intermittently working webhooks are useless…

D’oh, I see that my button is just offline (even if it looks normal, breathing cyan…)