i ran two webhooks that push data into a google spreadsheet for some time now without any problems.

I followed this tutorial:

Today i added/changed and deleted some webhooks and now i have problems running a single one.

I get ESOCKETTIMEDOUT and 500 error messages in the console.
Also the webhook ist sent sometimes 2 or 3 times from a single publish.

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Hmmm… Did you make sure that the Webhook is set up the way the tutorial is saying?

This hook is pretty much original. I changed the name a few times back and forth.
I can try to setup the google side for the 10th time.

I see some success and some ESOCKETTIMEDOUT so i guessed it’s working fine but there’s intermittent stuff going on.

@rickkas7 might be able to check further.

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ESOCKETTIMEDOUT occurs when the server receiving the webhook does not respond within 5 seconds. The timeout, unfortunately, is not configurable.

It looks like the server (Google) does handle the request, as the row appears to be incremented in the case where the timeout occurs, it just doesn’t handle it fast enough for the webhook server.

Error 500 usually means that the server (Google) had an internal error. Impossible to say what that might be.

As individual webhook calls are not logged, I don’t have visibility into the inner workings from the cloud side (even with a device ID or webhook ID).

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Thanks for the pointers, i will see what i can find out.