Webhook sending multiples due to 500 error

I’m trying to use a webhook to send a data string once every day. I’m sending it to a personal website that then puts the data into a database. The data string is getting to the website and is being put in the DB correctly, but it’s erroring out on particle website, which makes it send one message multiple times.

This is my webhook setup:

And this is the error I’m getting after testing the webhook:

As you can see, the error message is “error status 500 from godocorp.com” and I would think that the error would mean the .php code I created wasn’t working, but everything is going to my cPanel phpMyAdmin database correctly. My main problem is that it’s sending multiple times. I don’t like the idea of building the .php code to stop the multiplications from going to the database, because that feels like putting a bandaid on the problem.

Does your server respond in time to the request sent by the cloud?

@ScruffR It seems to respond quickly on our side? Is it possible that there’s something timing out between our server and particle’s exclusively? There is absolutely no lag whenever I’m interacting with the server.

I’ve solved the issue. I realized the code I was using wasn’t reaching its end, so it was sending back an error to Particle. I’ve fixed my code and everything is running smoothly!