Any adjusting for timeout?

We have on our cloud big timeout delay, it is possible to adjust timeout for webhooks?

If have some big data on webhooks all time have TIMEOUT error. It is possible to increase timeout time?

Any feedback from cloud developers ?

Is this your own server being so slow in responding?
Or what server is that?

Maybe @jeiden can chime in for the typical webhook timeout setting.

Hey @murdemon,

I verified that the timeout for waiting for a webhook response is 5 seconds . Unfortunately, this value is not configurable. We do this to prevent our system from being overloaded with open connections.

If this webhook is set up to hit your cloud/server, I would suggest exploring ways to make your HTTP endpoint return quicker. One idea could be to make the action asynchronous (i.e. return a success as soon as the server gets the event). If your devices require the response to the webhook, you could instead publish an additional event from your sever that the device will subscribe to once the response is ready.

Hope this is helpful!


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