Delay from webhook call to hook-sent

While troubleshooting a performance issue we had an event (captured only once, may be the only time it happened) where the time between our calling a webhook and the webhook firing off was 6 seconds as reported in the console. (screen cap shows this). I think this is completely out of our control. Is this normal behavior for the cloud? Any advice is welcome.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 11.57.11 AM

That’s a bit unusual. I’m going to look into this. Is the issue persisting or was it a one time thing?

We’ve been having unusual response time issues every once in a while. I’m not able to always observe the system, but users report seeing long times. We cannot reproduce them at will. The above example happened during a session where we tried to understand the problem. We probably ran 200 end to end transactions with our RFID system with only a few long response times.

We, of course, think it must be in our code, but we can’t see where it happens. This example made us wonder if sometimes the Particle cloud is part of the problem.

Colleen, another event just happened. Our device calls a webhook to get information from our CRM system. We wait 15 seconds for the webhook to respond and then log an error. We, occasionally, get these timeouts. Today I was able to look at the console before the events had gone by.

I found that we called the webhook at 10:18:28 PST today. The webhook shows that the CRM system responded within a second.

We used to blame the CRM system for being slow, now that seems not true. We have been blaming something in our code, but we can’t figure what. I don’t rule out our code, but I wonder if at times the Particle cloud is slow to get the result of the web hook back to our device.

Can you private message me the device id? I’ll take a look at the most recent incident in out logs and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary.

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