Webhook slow with google cloud integration

Hello I have a webhook to connect between my fleet and my server and its very slow, I receive the information in the particle console events but it’s taking a lot / or not arriving to the server destination (google cloud integration)

So its causing the fleet does not respond, there are any way we can change server used in particle or get better response time? ant way ro use our own server to guarantee service stability?

Sometimes it works, others is not sending anything, and after few attempts it send 3-4 responses at time so its making the device to not turn on/off or to void previous requests to the device

can you please help me? its very important.


Could you share a few more details of your fleet size, devices, device OS, webhook integration setup on Particle and the script on google cloud? Are you trying to control your devices in real-time from google cloud application or just get event data from Particle Cloud?

Thanks Armor!

Apparently caused by the anti ddos setting in the google cloud

Now added to whitelist, see how it goes today

If problem persist let you know!