Webhooks "data" length

Simple question…
Does the particle.publish(“webhook”, data, PRIVATE) data string have a maximum length? It looks like its 256 characters (from looking at the data on the particle dashboard when the particle.publish function is called). The data that I have to send is well in excess of that.


I haven’t used webhooks yet but it appears to trigger after you publish. I the case of a STRING (maximum string length is 622 bytes) per the reference.

That only applies to Particle.variable(), not to Particle.publish()

On the other hand the docs do note here

Thanks for the correction.

Looks like I’ll have to find another way as my data string is is nealy twice that.

@zelkova - I’m having the same problem! Did you come up with anything clever? I guess 255 bytes = 255 characters assuming a character is 1 byte (8-bit ASCII)? Not much!

Hi joearkay.

Still in the middle of solving it, my “data” is an xml query for live bus times (about 630 bytes long) so at the moment I’m writing a web app that can just take bus stop codes and then constructs the query, POST’s it to the live bus data site and returns with the response, parses it (it comes back as quite a large xml response) then returns to the calling device with just the bus times.

Of course it would be much simpler if the particle webhook could pass more that 255 characters….

@zelkova Oh wow, good luck! I’m having similar struggles with my webhooks :grin: