Publishing long strings to webhooks

I am currently having trouble writing really long strings to a webhook on the particle console. As part of the server side, I need to send a access key that is around 400 characters long. When I hard code the access key into the webhook, everything works fine. But since the access key expires every hour, that is not a viable solution, I need to use {{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}} to send a different access key each time. But when I send the key with particle.publish(), the request fails. Looking at the logs on the particle console, I see the cloud only transfered 256 characters of my access key. Is it possible to send a longer string? Below is my code:

void setup()


void loop() 
  String access_token = "Bearer Atza|IwEBIH9aG4mvW2GYjTu35K_oECPeb7qXumriv5SIFebMRAcFJzoztGQoPjhiOvHXFcqKYtSbxiFWe-20FHJfZ01a_ZYX543PVy-41hrE9u9W-2YvzBlU40iMHjwYPb41LdP6fw66SwePAqTwA1HxB4TQntHlIBX_RpyPHOFKmKtn2LdRWMPcMAeLT0zGmQf_srNgkLtP-YtteADc43kbRbMtgUQPhzRzdeT8N_6zVFSibY2SIM4mye0_KcXRXgUa18s8EMS7PwPZ7xcyD_INxRQvYiifjt8FUJu-y3s4nmExP49dP8nLm1FjEOReZRi89YBBN6-WI1D766CKkLkidl_M70O66qmStiZB77GzrVdtjgGkRHi27krX1KbgQJIkFMPKORv0a_xiX6tuzZOW0JmtjkY8edGJzrlUb7iHC0sDyi9i7dDoYHbVtsDxwFLyTaJ7a3Q";
  Particle.publish("drs_replenish_batteries", access_token, PRIVATE);
  // Wait 60 seconds

Why does the access token expire once an hour? How are you planning to get around the issue by hardcoding the token into the Photon?

There is another token, a “refresh_token” that does not expire and can be used to request a new access token. So I will use the refresh token to request a new access token, then use the access token to make service calls. Basically the refresh token is static (but it can be reset) and you need a new access token whenever you want to make calls. Right now i hard coded it for testing. by now the code above is expired.

Ah, that’s unfortunately. Ideally Particle’s webhooks would handle OAuth (which is what I imagine you are referring to).

In the mean time, what about setting up a quick microservice (I like Webtask but you could also use AWS Lambda, Heroku, etc) that you use as a “middleman” between your webhook from particle and your end service? It could automatically handle the token refreshing