Particle Publish Data Limits

Quick question about the Particle Publish data send limits.

I’m sending data to the Losant IOT backend and all it requires is a Particle.Publish like this:

For example, let’s assume you’re packing four values into a single event publish. An easy way to do this might be to send them as a single string, separated with a colon:

Particle.publish("state", "100:12:45:72");

You can then unpack that with a function node using something like:

var parts =':'); = {
  soc: parts[0],
  voltage: parts[1],
  current: parts[2],
  time2go: parts[3]

This works beautifully from my testing.

I’m trying to figure out how many characters or numbers I can fit into a single Particle Publish event.

How many digits & Characters can I put after the initital “state”, ? :

Particle.publish("state", "012345679ect");`

I see that the publish data payload can be 255 bytes but does that equal 255 characters?

A character should take up one byte and that translates to 255 characters.


Thank you! That’s a decent string of data.

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