Webhook Event Name wildcard

Is it possible to use a wildcard for the Event Name parameter when setting up a webhook? I tried * and that doesn’t seem to be working.

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They’re sort of wildcards by default since they act as prefixes. As long as everything you want to wildcard has a shared prefix, you should be able to catch them all at once.
What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I am using Stitch to load payloads to Postgres. Working great. BUT, my webhook is only pushing the specific event, and I’d like it to push every event. That way I can store a complete log of everything that the particle receives from my Product.

Is it possible to start your publish names with a shared prefix? That way you should be able to use said prefix as the webhook trigger to catch all those events under one webhook.


But what about the System events that the Particle OS generates? I’d like to log those as well.

Another option to capture all events is to use the Server Sent Events stream (SSE). Your server makes a single outgoing connection to the Particle cloud and can capture selected or all of your events. The connection stays open and events are pushed to your server in real-time. This has significantly lower overhead than webhooks because the TLS/SSL connection is established once, instead of for every event.


That sounds fabulous…but

The prefix is only required when getting a stream of all events from the public event stream.

The prefix is not required when getting your own private event stream (the item underneath that item) or a product event stream.

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Got. Thanks for clarifying. I will give this a try.

I too was looking to implement exactly this functionality: use a Google Cloud integration to capture all events and log them.

It seems strange there’s a restriction on webhooks like this. Given I don’t have that many events happening running in a serverless style rather than having to run a server for event stream would be preferable.