[Webhooks] Help using different event names for same hook

So I’m using the example from the spark documentation which has worked really well for me

  • the only question I have is if I could use this json format on 3 different event names such as acceleration_y, acceleration_x , acceleration_z without creating 3 different webhooks/json files as I have them right now.

Beause if i remember correctly, we’re limited to 4 webhooks ?

    "eventName": "acceleration_y",
    "url": "https://metrics-api.librato.com/v1/metrics",
    "requestType": "POST",
    "auth": {
        "username": "--",
        "password": "--"
    "json": {
        "gauges": [
                "name": "{{SPARK_EVENT_NAME}}",
                "value": "{{SPARK_EVENT_VALUE}}",
                "source": "{{SPARK_CORE_ID}}"
    "mydevices": true

I’m not sure but it should work so no harm trying? :smiley:

Functions and subscribes are limited at 4, webhooks at 20 per user. Check the limits of webhooks over here.


@kennethlimcp do you have any ideas on how I would do so ?

On second thought it doesn’t look that possible since the values are tagged to a per-event data


But i might be wrong since i’m also new to webhooks like everyone but maybe @dave or @BDub can answer this better :slight_smile:

Hi @Kevinruder,

The eventName acts as a prefix filter, so you only need:

"eventName": "acceleration_" 




that’s awesome :smiley: thanks for the help !