Calling multiple Webhooks from one event

Can more than one Webhook call be executed for a single event? I wish to optionally add a few other Webhook calls when my Particle device triggers an event. I may be adding or deleting some of these webhooks over time and do not want to re-flash my device each time and create a lot of different event calls in the code (event-A, event-B and event-C to call 3 different webhooks when all 3 events are really the same event just called by 3 different names). I would like to add perhaps a 4th webhook call to another service without having to go into the firmware of the device and add another publish event for yet another event name. I would like 2, 3, or more webhook calls all fire for a single published event.

Does the system currently support this?

Each webhook is independent and a single event can trigger any number of webhooks. You can have multiple webhooks with the same name (prefix filter) and all will be triggered if the prefix filter matches.

The only thing you can’t do is chain webhooks. So it’s not possible to take the hook-response of a webhook and have it trigger another webhook. Only a device event can trigger a webhook.

Can you explain what you mean by "prefix filter’?Will the event “ABC-event” which calls Webhook-ABC also trigger Webhook-DEF if Webhook-DEF is looking for event “old-ABC-event” because both event names have common text in them? I am not sure what you meant by “Prefix matching”.

The event name is a case-sensitive match up to the length of the name. So if the event name is “test” it will match not only “test” but also “testing” and “test123.” The beginning of the name (prefix) is what needs to match, but the rest of it does not. This applies not only to webhooks, but also Particle.subscribe() on-device.