Webhooks usuage

Hello community.

I have 4 questions about webhooks, i guess its kind of beginner questions.

  1. the first line of code tells what event it should trigger on. I want the webhook to trigger on all events from the photon what prefix should i use then?

  2. When i add a webhook thru the CLI, where is it stored, on particle cloud server? Im using particle cloud. If i would use a local cloud i guess its stored in there.

  3. If my photon is not online and a event trigger, will that event be sent when the photon gets online, vice versa if the cloud is down will it recive the event when it gets online again and the webhooks trigger?

  4. I have the following webhook that i added.

        "event": "Reset press detected", 
        "url": "http://requestb.in/", 
        "requestType": "POST", 
        "deviceid": "enter core id", 
        "json": { 
              "published_at": "{{SPARK_PUBLISHED_AT}}",
              "event": "{{SPARK_EVENT_NAME}}",
              "coreid": "{{SPARK_CORE_ID}}",
        "mydevices": true 

Is there a list of what i can call for? example the "spark_core_id " gives me the core id, and i guess there are a tons of those somehwere that i can use. e.x i want to use the name of my photon aswell and maybe some that i dont even know exist :slight_smile: