Photon GPIO Device Events not triggering Webbhook

  1. I have set up a Webhook in the Particle console, to be sent in JSON format to IFTTT. I want to use this to trigger further events via IFTTT (Screenshot attached)

  2. When I trigger that Webhook directly using the integration page, I can see the webhook being received at the IFTTT and it triggers an event. (Please note there are no filters applied - I am just using event occurrence to trigger an action)

  3. I can also see on the events log, on the Particle console, that the Webhook has been sent.

  4. When I toggle an input to my Photon GPIO device I can see the event being triggered on the device event log. (Particle Console), but the Webhook log (in integrations on Particle console) does not show any activity (and as expected no webhook is received by IFTTT).

Have I missed some vital step? I have contacted the Particle tech advice and they tell me they don’t deal with ‘firmware issues’. Do I have to update the firmware on my photon device?

Apologies if these are stupid questions as I’m a newbie to Particle and Webhooks.


We have to take your word for this and that the triggered event has actually the same name as your webhook is subscribed to.
The more evidence you can provide the better we can asssist - i.e. the log of the incoming events and also the webhook definition in JSON format which you can view when selecting the “CUSTOM TEMPLATE” option in the console


(@rickkas7, is there a CLI option you retrieve the webhook definition? - if not, wouldn’t that be a nice addition?)