Having IFTTT trigger on event from Particle API instead of specific device

Hi all,

for a workshop in which the participants only use IFTTT and Photons that run Tinker, I’m looking for a way to have one photon react to another one. My major problem at this point is that in the “react to an event” option in IFTTT you have to select which device published the event.

However, I also use IFTTT to generate the event. This means the event is not published from a particular device but from “api”. Is there any way within the IFTTT setting to trigger on “api” instead of on a device?


background: every group in the workshop will either turn on a laser when something is published online, or they will publish something online when they detect a laser. By daisy-chaining all photons from all participants we’re making a light-chain in the room. The background of the participants and the setup of the workshop is such that I can have them play with the Particle App, including the Tinker interface, but that I can not have them flash their own code onto the photons. Since they will be using smartphones, they can use IFTTT recipes.

sub-optimal solution: I can have them publish a message to a social media (twitter) and have the subsequent photon react to that, all using IFTTT. However, there is quite a delay (minutes) between Particle -> IFTTT -> Twitter. Given that we have 20 groups, you don’t want to wait an hour for the chain to complete in a 90 minute workshop…

all suggestions more than welcome!

You could create a webhook. When a device creates an event, the Particle webhook can be used to trigger IFTTT, using the webhook service https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks