Web version of Tinker app?


Is there a web version of the tinker app? I don’t think the wifi programming is necessary, but having the other read/write functionality available through the browser would seem to be more efficient than using the cellphone app for tinkering :smile:


Perhaps this :

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That seems to be more for extending and creating your own version. I was more thinking of almost an exact replica that would run the tinker app.

Check out atomiot.com.
It’s not an exact replica but the intent is the same.
No coding, quick access to a core. Bonus. It’ll work with any custom code as well.


Thanks, @kareem613. The site isn’t coming up for me. Is it down by chance?

Nope. No alerts of downtime either.

Try again?


It seems to be working now. I will check it out tonight. Thanks!

Don’t forget about http://jflasher.github.io/spark-helper/

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It is kind of amazing that no one has recreated a tinker like app with javascript yet. Here’s another one if you just need a few dedicated buttons for Spark.function() / Spark.variable()

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These are all very helpful. Thanks for the input, everyone!

Just to check, is there any web version of Tinker out there? Didn’t manage to find anything. Know someone who wishes to use Tinker on Firefox OS.

Are there any known technical difficulties in creating a webapp clone of Tinker?


Tinker is really just a way to let you play with the functions easily. It’s not suggested to be used as an ‘end product’, and customising it yourself if much more advisable. It’s not hard to do, and is more rewarding than what Tinker can offer.
Is there anything specific about the Tinker app that you’d like to have in a Web version? Toggling the pin, connecting a device, flashing Tinker to the device?
It’s all very doable in a webapp, and shouldn’t be too hard to recreate, though I’m convinced making something yourself is more convenient.

Don’t think there’s difficulties, just not done officially. :smile:

@BDub made something similar using heroku to host before.

@zach made one for Maker faire big core too.

Maybe the community can put something together!