Changed the Tinker-app to Thermos-app, where to share with world?

Hi all,

I changed the Android version of the Tinker app and made two versions:

  1. an empty version. I kept the logging in, the claiming of cores, but I removed everything that points to the tinker-firmware and to pins from the central fragment and activities, except for the name “fragment_tinker” (I did leave some stuff in the supporting files). I added stuff to the ApiFacade which makes it (a lot) easier to do api call from the central fragment.
  2. a version that implements a thermostat app. It assumes a specific firmware running on your core. This is build on the version I mention above.

I have two questions:

  1. How to share this with the world? I would really like to publish it in the play-store, can I do that? (legally?) It would be a great example that you can build a business model on the spark, including the app, without having to build a lot yourself. Furthermore, I would like to share the code, but 99% is equal to the original app. I could only publish the changed files on my github account, or the entire app. I do not think a pull-request would be a good idea: that would create diversion between the iOS and Android app.
  2. Can anyone explain me how to change the reflash function in the ApiFacade such that it uploads a file that is part of the app? (Can I even do that? I believe I have to make a file-pointer in the args-bundle, but have no clue how to…)

If questioning why I’m going to such lengths: I write a monthly column in a dutch national Newspaper (De Volkskrant) on technology you can apply in your own home. I wrote a piece on the Sprak Core (Mr Wolowitz Lamp) before and wanted to delve a bit deeper for my piece on oktober 18th.

thanks in advance



Here’s the License guideline in the repo:

I believe it states that you are able to distribute the source code etc…

maybe leaving the official Spark logo is a good idea? :slight_smile:

Hi @kennethlimcp,


This leaves my second question: anyone knows how to reflash the core from within the ApiFacade provided in the android app, with code that is stored in the android app and not in the cloud ???


Hi @RolfHut.

Did you ever share or publish the code for the app you built? This could be incredibly useful to the community to see and build from if only for educational purposes.


Hi @acs14007,

sure did: it is here:

This was build for the core, and a while ago, not sure if everything app side is the same for the photon, or if the cloud API is still compatible with how it was back than (I do believe so).


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Thank You! Sorry for the late response, I assumed I would get an email about a response!

Has anyone managed to get an app up and running based on @RolfHut 's efforts? Would be very interested in any updates.