Need a new tinker app with configurable server address


@zachary and crew …

So cool to have spare-server released. I just got mine set up and one of my cores logged in. \o/

I was hoping to use ye ol’ Tinker app for a quick test, but see that there’s no option to change the ‘cloud’ server address. That is to say, I cannot get my iPhone Tinker app to log into my local core-server.

Are there plans to address this and push an update to the Apple Appstore?


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Hey @gruvin,

Good idea! We’re hiring for a full-time mobile developer, so this would be a great feature to add, in the meantime I’ll open an issue, and pull requests welcome!



@Dave – Oh! Silly me didn’t realise the iOS app was on github and open to user contribution. I may take a look then, when I find the time.


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If anybody still needs this - I’ve just “finished” a test version of my Android ExtTinkerApp with configurable API server

At the moment you can configure API URL scheme (https, http), host server name and port.
The config activity is accessible via the SignUp/Login activities (bottom link).

By default the extended Tinker features (RGB-LED control, RX/TX control) are hidden, so it acts just like the original.
Only the pin config menu sports two new features (pin hide/pin reset) - since they don’t require ExtTinker firmware.

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