Tinker App for Windows Phone 8.x?

I’m about to buy the brandnew Nokia 630 (why? because of the free worldwide offline navigation with free lifetime updates).Will there ever be a Tinker app for Windows Phone available?

I don’t think you will see it in the short term and yet to hear any plans for a Windows App.

Anyone community members good with Windows app? We can work together and make it happen :wink:

We would love to see a Tinker app on Windows Phone, but I’m not aware of any work happening on one yet. However! You can do everything and more from the build IDE and from the CLI, web apps, and from any software you write. :smile:


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I would be happy to put one together if there was enough interest. I have already started, but at this point won’t push it out to the Store unless there is an ask.



:+1: I’d be interested
Even more so if there was also support for WinRT & 8.1 tablets.

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If I make one, I’d make them all. I can even sync setting across Window 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

I don’t have non-windows devices (other then linux) can someone get a hold of the app on Android or iPhone and screenshot it for me? I’d like to keep it consistent and don’t know what the settings pages look like or picking a core if you have more then one.


the screenshots are here for android :smile:

So you will be making a Windows Tinker app?! :smiley:

I’m game. The first version will only be the tinker app, I have the code for the TI Smart Config which is Java and thus need to spend a bit of work on that.

Are there even more screenshots anywhere? I hate using an app on another device and everything is different between them. I can grab them eventually, just faster if someone has them.