Web application and user interface development

Hi everyone,

we are looking to hire a software development company to design and implement a web application to allow our customers to remotely monitor the devices we produce. If you have successfully used a company that you feel you can recommend, I will appreciate it if you can share their details.


Hi @caronte -

Have you considered platforms like @Ubidots or Blynk?

This is usually the part I struggle with as well, but between these two platforms I usually find a suitable solution. There are several others well, these are good balance between cost and functionality.


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@gusgonnet has been fantastic for working on a web interface for us. He’s pretty busy, but if you’re not in a huge hurry, I would talk to him.


@caronte ,

+1 for Ubidots. IT is much quicker and cheaper to consume a platform than to build one. Over time, as your business matures, you may go the custom development route but, by then, you will know exactly what you need.