Request for proposal

Is it permitted to post a request for a proposal here?

I have a prototype using a photon board, some sensors, lights and buzzer to detect and log a person using a soap dispenser. The device is finished but needs a web based interface. Right now it is writing to a card but I want to see it work online for a demonstration. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Not sure if it’s permitted here or not, but you’re welcome to send me some additional details directly.

HI Nick,
is there a private message button that I’m not seeing?

Check out Ubidots, it will be easy to set that up and do SMS or email alerts.

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I’m checking it out.

Not exactly what I’m looking for but thanks. Good to know.

You can create dashboards in Ubidots and then create a embeddable iFrame code that you can paste into any website, blog, application. That would keep you from having to log into the Ubidots website to see the data.

Not sure what your looking for but wanted to throw that out there.

Hi Spencer,

are you still looking for a proposal ?
Can you send a message with some more details please ?

email me.

Would a mobile interface on android or iOS suffice?

How would that work?