WDF_VOLATION on reconnecting to serial via USB

I just ran into this issue on my Windows dev machine. I fixed it as suggested in the thread by just deleting my “profile.json” file and then logged in. All seems to work, but every time I now flash new firrmware to this P1 based device, it will crash my Win10 computer to a bluescreen instead of re-establishing the serial connection from Particle CLI (v1.29.0).

My typical dev setup is to program on my Mac and then follow the Serial output on the Win10 machine. This is basically not possible anymore due to the consistent crashes. Suggestions for how to fix this?

Removing the old Particle serial driver should solve this problem under Windows 10. It’s a little tricky to do properly, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully:


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This problem is a PITA and had me for ages assuming I had a hardware issue. Since the Particle serial driver serves no purpose and will only cause problems on Win10, could any new releases of precompiled product, eg CLI, Dev, etc; remove this driver when Win10 is detected?

Yes, that is the plan. A future version of the Particle CLI will remove the driver under Windows 10.

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This is great news. Would you guys mind start giving file names with version numbers, so when we go to that page to download it we may know just by looking at it if it new/er or not.

Excellent, that’s great!