Particle CLI reinstall on win 10

I had to use the particle serial wifi command to modify wifi settings on a remote argon device, through a connected win 10 laptop.
I have used the CLI a lot of times previously, on this remotely connected laptop.
I was notified that a new CLI version was available, and installed 1.47.0 and rebooted win 10.

Following this, when running particle serial wifi i am met with

! Please reinstall
Could not locate the bindings file. Tried:

I did another reinstall, with the same outcome.
Had anyone had similar experience ?

ah, sorry about that :pray:

i’m not sure what’s up exactly but let’s try manually resetting:

  1. open file explorer and navigate to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\particle
  2. delete the .npm-cache, node_modules, and node-v8.15.0-windows-x64 directories
  3. open powershell / cmd.exe and run particle update-cli

once the update completes (might take a bit), you should be back in working order.

hope it helps!

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Thanks had the same problem tonight …and also lost all the virtual com to usb drivers in windows…any knowledge on how to just reinstall the virtual usb drivers …it cleared all my Atollic drivers Arduinos and Espressif also.

sorry, i’m not following - are you saying you ran Particle’s CLI installer for Windows and it somehow uninstalled drivers for non-Particle devices?

is the Particle CLI working for you after having reinstalled?

I will try, as soon as I have acces to the remote machine again thanks

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