Way to download Project Source?

Is there any other way that may not be obvious to me that allows you to download your project source? Something similar to the cloud icon that lets you download the firmware. I was wanting to move some files over to a local repository and compile locally but find I have to copy and paste every project source file. It seems like there should be a quick icon or way to zip and download the current project.


@jamesarm97, Currently we don’t have this option, but I think the Spark Team is working on IDE enhancements, please check this post.

is there an update on the topic?
it would be really nice if there would be a function to download my code from the cloud and maybe even upload it again.

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I too would like to see the ability to download source code or integrate with github.

Just checking in to see if there’s been any progress on this … I have about 30 projects, and while I have the code for them in varoius places, I’d like, for backup purposes, to be able to download all the code en masse.

Still not, but it’s work in progress behind the scenes (they say ;-))

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Is there any way to do this, it would be so useful to download the app source as a zip (with app name and date) ideal for backup, peace of mind and offline viewing / editing.

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I’m all the way with you @andyg! Download is a minimum, upload would be real nice.

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Good morning, Is there any update on this?
Being able to backup and archive code is a really needed feature?
Thanks in advance.

It’s unfortunately still not possible. It’s something that’s certainly on the backlog, but work on ‘libraries 2.0’ has precedence at the moment. (Which is a good thing, since that’ll make life much more pleasant if you’re working with, or creating, libraries).
That said, if you do want full control of your files, have you considered Particle Dev? You can then use any version control software you can think of.

thanks for the reply.
I have tried particle dev on a few occasions (and atom with packages), but never been able to get local compilation to work for me. Its driving me crazy? Any one willing to have a look via teamviewer I would be most grateful? (have tried on windows and OSX without success)

ps for the web IDE could the current firmware download button be modded to also download the source?

Particle Dev doesn’t (yet) compile locally. Once you hit ‘compile’ it sends everything to the cloud to be compiled, and you get back the binary. At the moment, it’s basically a pretty UI for the coding part of the CLI.

If that wasn’t the issue, then what exactly isn’t working?

It certainly could. It’s not a matter of things not being possible, but rather a resources issue. There’s so many things to do, yet too few people/time to do everything at once.

Hi, thanks for the update.
I am building with 0.6.0-rc2 as using analogWriteResolution, and I don’t this Particle Dev supports the other build versions?
Therefore tried using Atom with the local compilation package, but failed to get this up and running (docker etc). Tried many times on different machines… after reading many many threads…

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I sent you a PM.