How can I backup my code in the cloud IDE to my local computer?

Can’t find anything anywhere in

The code is just text. You can copy and paste it into any text editor you have on your computer.

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I feel the suggestion to copy-n-paste is unsatisfactory. Perhaps it could be done reasonably when your application is a single simple file. But for applications that involve many files, the process of going to each one in sequence, select-all, copy, open local editor, paste, save under the right file names. This is error prone and very tedious.

I’ve seen threads here discussing making a connection between the cloud IDE and GitHub or BitBucket possible. That would be wonderful if and when it is done.

Besides that, there is no practical answer.

I am with you guys, a source code download function would be great, similar to the firmware download button.

Folks, I believe the upcoming MAJOR library redesign will address this and much more.