Particle Workbench: Start question on downloading code

Hello all!

A bit of a n00b question here. I am working with another developer on a pre-existing project. I was told that the code exists in the “workbench” and in “the cloud”.

The developer gave me his account and told me to log into workbench with it and from there I should be able to pull down the most recent code.

I downloaded the plugin for vscode, logged in with the individuals’ accounts… and not able to find any “sync” type options for the project.

First time working with the particle, wondering if this sounds right and what I am missing… I have been going through the tutorials and they all involve creating projects from the ground up. I have the Particle Boron next to me if that helps with the code already on it.

Thank you for any help and sorry if this is super obvious.

I guess your friend rather meant you to download his code from Web IDE.
For Workbench the common way to share projects would go via GitHub (or similar services). I'm not aware of a way for Workbench to download Web IDE projects directly.

@m_m, this would be a cool feature tho' :wink:


@ScruffR thank you SO SO much. I am looking in the WebIDE and I see the following attached image. I assume those babies are stock, so I should be off to the races now.


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Depends on what you mean with stock.

They are your buddy's apps. Particle stock/example apps would be below that section

Also once you select one of the apps you can hit this icon on the right to download the sources as ZIP file

These files can then be added to your Workbench project.

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@ScruffR I literally just yelled in glee at that last item you me. YOU ARE A GOD TO ME SIR!

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