VoronoIoT lamp (Maker Faire 2016)

Hey everybody,

for the 2016 Maker Faire some kits have been made. This will be the community topic for questions, ideas, suggestions, issues, or pretty much everything else related to the lamp. To get an impression, it looks like this:

It has an Internet Button to for provide connectivity and lighting, and will thus allow you to connect to the web. The general idea is to be able to pair multiple of these up, so you can change them all at once, even/especially if you’ve given one away as a gift. It can also act as a wake-up light or just a ‘regular’ desk light.

The github containing the code can be found here, where pull requests are highly welcome:

Let me know what you guys think!


Hey Jordy, this looks great!

Are there any plans to post the files for the laser cut acrylic parts, or will they only be for sale?

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Until he releases the SVGs for the acrylic, you can make a simple DIY version:

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Will the acrylic cut kit be available to purchase?

I have the Particle Internet Button, would love to purchase these acrylic cut pieces.


If I’m not mistaken, that’s currently being looked into. There were some kits left over from the Faire, so those might become available in the store (hopefully) some time soon.