Using Raspberry Pi zero W to receive Argon UDP locally

Hi All,

I have a receiver/buzzer/display currently based on an Argon with the Featherwing OLED from the particle store. I send UDP from another argon over the LAN, and get an audible indication and data on the display. It’s working well.

I am interested in getting the same function from a Raspberry Pi Zero W with this display:

The reason for the change is primarily that I like the form factor of this little Pi in a case with this display, but also that I may want to include an MQTT broker on the Pi in the future.

The question to the community is - would it be relatively simple to use the Particle Raspberry Pi Agent to do this? Keeping in mind that I already have working code for an Argon with a different display… I’m not using any Particle.publish, subscribe or functions in this project. I understand that Particle Agent isn’t being updated anymore…

Alternatively I’ll implement some sort of UDP receiver (I’m using UDP multicast, by the way) and the display without using any Particle tools.

I’ll be bumbling thru making the Pi do what I want, having only the little experience with them in the past, but it looks like it could be fun and interesting.

If you don’t really need any of the Particle cloud features, there are easier ways to receive UDP (including Python like shown here) on an RPi of any flavour and there is also an Adafruit sample for Python to interact with the display.

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@ScruffR, thanks. I’d pretty much come to that conclusion, and am going to give that a try. I appreciate the links.

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