Raspberry pi particle-agent webserver


I have firmware running on a photon that use the Webduino library that controls lab measurement and titration. For hardware simplicity I need to move this to a Raspberry PI Zero W running the particle-agent. The Pi is up and running and communicating with the particle cloud, the firmware has downloaded and appears to be running, however I am unable to access the web frontend on port 80. I have reconfigured for port 8080 and still no go.

Nothing else is listening on port 80, but is there something I need to do to allow inbound HTTP to get to the particle-agent ?

Thanks, Dean

Unfortunately TCPServer is not supported on the raspberry pi, so this is not possible.

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You could try running a more typical webserver on the Pi like apache or nginx, depending on your application.

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Thanks for the responses. I will work through plan b.