EMG data as UDP

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Hello everyone,
I use Argon to measure Electromyography (EMG) signals. Everything works but I would like to send data from the Argon module to the cloud with max speed. I know that UDP is the way. How do I send UDP from the Argon module to my macbook wireless?

Thanks in advance and thanks to Particle.io for designing such a super cool module :slight_smile:



Welcome - On most community forums it is good practice to do some searching first, since you are probably not the first person to have had an issue, so If you click the search button (top right) and enter the following

and select the first one

There is a great discussion that will help you. Then post some code if you get stuck and there will be many folks who will be happy to help…


Although I’m pretty sure the inverted IP issue has been resolved since :wink:

@Ohlhues, but seeing what you have tried so far would help helping.